One aspect of the tradition where I see this a great deal is with egg cleansing.

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No mystery, no fancy foreign name, jut plain and simple rootwork. Egg cleansing in hoodoo is incredibly simple. Egg cleansing in other traditions can be more complex, and some of this had leaked into and been passed off as hoodoo. Some people fel the need to invent whole new backgrounds for the tradition, particularly in the case of a book claiming egg cleansings originate in Mesoamerican shamanism.

egg cleansing prayer spanish

The practice of egg cleansing in hoodoo derives, as far as I can tell, from two different traditions. The second is the African practie of using a surrogate to take in all the negativity of a person, and destroying that surrogate.

In hoodoo, the egg used for cleansing should come from a black hen. The egg is taken and rubbed down the body from head to foot, while prayers for cleansing and purification are recited. Psalm 51 is commonly used for cleansing in hoodoo. After the egg had been rolled down the body, it is thrown into a crossroads or at a tree.

People are talking a lot about divining the egg yolk at this point, but thats not a thing in hoodoo. There is one yolk divination performed in hoodoo. If there are hairs, blood, black stuff, bits of baby chicken, or other grossness then teh cleansing is not complete. In which case, you grab another egg and go again.

If the cracked egg looks normal, the cleansing has been successful. Here are the steps again: 1. Take a fresh egg from a black hen 2. Roll it dwn the body of the person beaing cleansed from head to foot, while praying Psalm 51 or similar cleansing prayer 3. Throw the egg hard and far away, at a tree or into a crossroads 4. Check to see if the cracked egg is clear or dirty.Hey fam! I had to do a limpia on myself today because My balance was WAY off and I felt just You guys all know when you need a cleanse.

Typically a smudge and a good hot shower and sugar scrub followed up by essential oils in my hair and on my skin fixes my caca energy right up, but sometimes I'm a little more out of balance and need to bust out things my abuelita does for me when I'm all out of wack.

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Funny thing about abuelita- she is a catholic bruja. All of her brujeria is very indigenous inspired, like all mestizos mixed race of Spaniard and indigenous descent. She does a lot of things you'll see done by curanderas.

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As well as natural remedies One of the things she's always done for all of us is what's called a limpia de huevo. Which is better known in the states as a egg cleanse. Some of my earliest memories are of my abuelita rolling an egg over my forehead, back, chest, and arms muttering a catholic prayer in Spanish in her gorgeous deep voice with a cigarette pressed between her bright red lips abuelita's power color has always been red and she's always been partial to red lipstick.

It was just a normal thing in my childhood I never thought much of.

Spiritual Cleansing

As I got older and started reopening my door to the craft, I realized what she was doing was deeply ritualistic and cleansing and have since started doing limpia de huevo for myself between ritual baths when I needed an extra umph. So I figured since I was already going to do one, I'd post how I do my limpia de huevo.

Don't mind the bison jaw, it just lives on my worktable until it tells me what it's purpose will be. I listen to music and breathe deeply for a couple minutes while I connect. Be humble and be respectful.

Testing To See If We Have El Mal Ojo With The Egg Cleanse🥚

Now that your egg is a caca energy trap, you'll need to start the limpia! You can do this laying down or standing. Personally I stand because I tend to hold a lot of energy in my spine, shoulders, and hair and it's just easier to stand instead of rolling around laying down.

Spend more time in areas you feel are in need of a little extra cleansing. I choose to do the dang thing and roll that little sob along my skin because that's how it's been done for me my whole life.

Cloudy patches, stringy strands, and discolorations sometimes black or red even indicate that you've successfully lifted the caca energy off yourself. The results of your egg can be interpreted, and there are some amazing interpreters out there. I tend to use this only as ridding myself of the negativity and don't really worry about the poor state of the egg unless there is severe discoloration, some black or a lot of red.

Those can indicate some kind of hex you'd want to look deeper into. I prefer to shower after my limpia to wash off anything lingering, bacteria I may have picked up from the RAW EGG, and dirt from burying it. Abuelita used to just dump the eggy water in the toilet and flush it and throw the egg shell in the trash.

Which works fine. But I do disposal a little more like the curanderas.Now, let me tell you about egg cleansing. Nope, this is different from Cascarilla because this form of cleansing uses an entire egg. Before we start, let me tell you the background history about this form of spiritual cleansing. Actually, egg cleansing has been constantly used by different cultures. Egg is used because it symbolizes life and is believed to take on energy.

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In Spanish, this is called Limpia that means cleaning. The most common form of egg cleansing is by putting an entire egg inside a glass of water under your bed. You have to let it stay there for nine days and in the tenth day remove the eggs and throw it across your house.

It is said that by doing this you are not only removing negative energy but also removing curses that might have been inflicted in your home. Aside from that, you can also use it on a person in pain.

However, remember to pray over the person while conducting the cleansing. After that, break the egg and do some egg reading. Yes, there is such a thing as an egg reading. Aside from candle reading, you can use an egg for spiritual reading.

All you have to do is break the egg into a glass of water and look for any anomalies like blood, shapes and textures. A big bat signal that says that evil is on the works comes with blood. If you can see a tinge of blood in the water, then it means that you are being cursed.

If there is no blood but the water is cloudy, it means a loss of energy in your part. Do you feel like you have an enemy? You can find out who it is through an egg reading. A slender face means that you have a male enemy, while, a round face suggests a female counterpart. If by any chance the egg yolk turned into an eye, then this means that someone gave you an evil eye. If small bubbles form into your water, this means that your guardian spirit is working to remove your negative energy.

To know if the negative energy has been fully removed, the water must be clear without any signs of anomalies or blood. Egg cleansing and reading are effective ways to know and remove negative energies in your life.Spiritual baths made from herbs are often uses in Santeria. One of the most fundamental and frequently needed spiritual services that the Santeria Church of the Orishas offers is spiritual cleansing.

Spiritual cleansing helps clear away any negativity, energetic disturbances, osogbos or dark spirits that a person may have picked up in their daily lives. Cleansing of the body and spirit with eggs is an ancient practice found in many cultures. Occasionally, eggs are passed over the entire body with prayers, and then cracked inside a glass and read for signs indicating the nature of the malady.

Other techniques for egg cleansing break the egg in the street so that Eshu can disperse the energy and take it away. Eggs can be used to cleanse the body, specifically the eyes.

egg cleansing prayer spanish

The item can be a bundle of fresh herbs or a live feathered animal like a pigeon or a rooster. The herbs or the animal pick up the negative energies and osogbo that person has leaving them spiritually clean. If an animal is used, sometimes the animal is released to the environment typically this is done with pigeons or doves scattering the osogbo into the wild. Occasionally the animal is sacrificed to one of the orishas in which case the orisha takes the osogbo off of the person and accepts the sacrifice of the animal as a scapegoat for the person who was being threatened by the negative forces in the world.

If an animal is used for sarayeye, its meat is not consumed afterward. Eating the animal would result in consuming the negativity that was cleansed off of that person or space.

Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme. Spiritual Cleansing. Follow Us! Return to top.Greetings to all. I had read a post about egg cleansing. So studied a little more details. Below is 1 link I found with specific details. I also have had it done to me. I've learned from my experiences.

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These cleansing originated from Mexico from healers. As you remember I had posted about the terramara Indians being Healers. Well Mexico has been known to find many Healers. So I believe that my ancestry is what began the egg cleaning.

From what I've learned and going to healers. Which are curanderos. But for the sake of all the non Spanish speaking members. I will say it in English healer.

Also cleansing instead of limpia. When doing this you need a white candle salt a clear glass with water clean Clear Water. You also need to have some incense. To help like safe to help.

If you believe in God and the prayers then you must use the our father as you're doing this if needed. It helps. Also you can have the person stand up or lay down to cleanse them. You can do this to ypur self, but I prefer to have someone else do it for me. So I can get the areas I can't normally reach on my back. Make sure to have them focus on the reason for the cleaning. While you say a prayer while rubbing the egg all over the person. Repeat the prayer over and over until you have ribbed the egg all over the entire body from head to toe.

Now you determine what it means. Its not all just a simple 1 time cleansing. You need to read thez egg yolk in the glass. Below is a link I found to explain everything you need to know on reading the yolk and its meaning and what needs to be done after if each type of bad reading.

Many greetings and sorry for the late reply been busy lately with work and other personal stuff get on but hardly stay on to read my messages. As for the results. Ive never heard of the yolk splitting up. But the cloudy flim is not good. I would suggest another cleansing.Sindy Todo of Todomojo.

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egg cleansing prayer spanish

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In marble walls as white as milk, Lined with skin as soft as silk, Within a crystal fountain clear, A golden apple doth appear. Eggs are one of the food staples which exist nearly worldwide, and almost every culture has traditions dealing with eggs. They are cooked, painted, dyed, emptied and filled with dioramas, and the shells are even ground up and added to the soil to prevent garden pests.

Much of the lore about eggs has to do with their production or bewitchment, such as these tidbits from Folklore of Adams Co. Illinoisby Harry M.

Hyatt :. Eggs are frequently used to heal magical illnesses or to help with prophetic work. A common belief among several traditions says that eggs left in the hands of a murder victim will compel the murder to return and be caught before the eggs rot. Folklore: An Encyclopediap. This seems to be related to a more general set of European folklore focused on St. On St. If a coffin or tombstone, it means death Ecyc. Daniels, p. This practice may sound familiar, as it is very similar to the curandero method of egg reading done during a limpiaor spiritual cleansing.

An Ozark superstition says that if a man eats owl eggs it will cure him of alcoholism this is not recommended, especially due to the potential environmental damage it could cause. Eggs can also be used to cause harm as well as to cleanse it. Newbell N. A curious German method recorded by Harry M. The egg is floated in the glass, the picture put upside down over it, and the water swirled around while making a wish for ill or good, if the conjurer is so inclined fortune for the person Folklore of Adams Co.

Yes, ah learnt dis on chicken aigs. Whose house do you bust that on, your own house? Yore own house, yeah. This is a rite to separate a man and woman, not to make someone move from a house. The eggs are busted against the wall, thrown away from you so that the dangerous substance will not spatter on you. Eggshells also have magical uses completely on their own and apart from their high-protein filling. It is usually sold in little paper cups though it is not hard to produce yourself if you just wash and save your eggshells from a few breakfastsand used to ward off evil and occasionally to draw sigils for ritual work.

Dreaming of eggs is supposed to be good luck, indicating everything from monetary gain to a wedding or children on the horizon.Eggs are used in protection. There are a number of ways that eggs can be used to cleanse yourself. Normally, in hoodoo, an egg of a black hen is used.

The egg will need to be washed with Florida water, let the egg dry naturally. When this egg is dry then take a bath. Wash yourself with the egg and imagine the egg is taking out all the negative energy inside you. Rub the egg from the crown of your head to the tip of your toes. Get out of the bath and then get a glass and crack the egg open. The methods of reading the signs of egg pagination are as important as doing the egg cleansing itself.

More than one sign may be readable in one reading and hence the readings can change from case to case. If the yolk is found to be smooth and clear with no signs of blood, bubbles or bad odor then the person cleaned is considered to be clear.

If the yolk shows the feature of a male or female then it represents witchcraft on the person has been successful and this person is now cleansed. If the yolk shows an eye then the person is said to be under the influence of the evil eye.

If the York shows the sign of a bird - such as an owl, crow, vulture then the person is said to be under witchcraft. If there are blood spots on the yolk then it is a sign of strong witchcraft that has been carried out on the person, with intent of total destruction. Such a person normally fails to find success in life. This person lacks energy and enthusiasm and this results in a failure in everything. The blood may be clearly visible or it may happen that the yolk is reddish in color.

In both cases it is a sign of the effect of an evil soul, which is said to walk with person thus bringing bad luck in everything. The fact that this is shown in the egg means the evil is now removed from your soul. The color of the white in the egg, after breaking open the egg also provides important signs. If it is dark and murky or frothy, it means that you are frightened and your soul needs to feel more confident.

If the water is white and cloudy then it is an indication of witchcraft and thus must be read properly with other signs as well.


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