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Sir,the notes asks the password to open the document.

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So I requested you to please provide the password to me. Too much effective notes and study materials are here. I have learnt very important facts from here.

Thanks a lot. I am very thankful to you if you send it. You do good job for society who will full fill their ideas to got best rank in gate…. Thank you sir for such valuable study materials. Will you please send me the Microelectronics by sedra smith 6th edition book to my mail. Good evening sir i am saravanaECE department.

Good evening sir i am keerthana ece department. Request you to send all related study material asap. The one who provided this material is doing a great job.

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Your smiply a great Human being. Thanx for everything. August 6, March 26, Related Content. Can you please mention those pdf so that i can remove password… Reply. Analog circuits and other pdf which is given in the notes. It asks password to open. Sir pls provide signals and system problems with solutions for gate exam Reply. Thank u so much for ur helping nature.

Sir,Which type of attitude ask in gate exam. Thanks a lot for your cheerful support. I was really in need of these notes. Sir please communication ke liye topic wise questions book provide kr dijiye knodia me nahi hai Reply. Thanks for pointing out. Thank you so much…. I am very thankful to you if you send it Reply. This is very good for gate exam prepration I am very happy to see Thanks sir Reply. Sir Wanted ece gate previous question and answer Along some materials of ece Reply.

Good material sir Reply. Thank u for such a valuable study material… Reply. Thanks a lot sir Really good study material Reply. Thanx a lot for posting all these. It helps a lot!!An antenna is a physical device that radiates energy, almost always with some directional dependence.

Ace Academy GATE ECE Notes and Study Materials

Even an omni-directional antenna will have one or two narrow directions where there is a reduction or a null in the radiated energy. The energy leaving an antenna is also polarized — meaning that the electric field is in a particular orientation.

Theoretically, for efficient transfer of energy between two antennas, their respective radiation patterns must be optimized in the correct direction and the antennas must be polarized with the same orientation.

However, in the real world, where line of sight LOS between two antennas rarely exists, and at frequencies above about MHz, objects in the path between the antennas walls, structures, people, terrain, etc. These scattering effects on the radiation pattern and polarization are random, uncontrollable, and typically change continuously with time, relative antenna position and orientation.

Even if a device is located in a fixed position, polarization will typically change with time due to movement of nearby objects. As a result, while some general attention must be paid to radiation pattern shape and antenna polarization, these parameters can be optimized for a particular situation in only a general way. For example, when a 2. Once beyond LOS, even just a few meters from an antenna, the original polarization is completely lost. Most wireless devices in the category under discussion in this paper have small antennas mounted on small ground planes.

The physics of antenna radiation stipulate that radiation from these structures will not have narrow directional lobes Antenna Fundamentals — Technical Brief 15 with high gain. The radiation patterns will be generally omni-directional because high-gain, and the narrow radiation lobes of associated with high-gain, require electrically large structures to form array-like antenna structures.

Of course, there will be nulls in the radiation patterns in various directions but the nulls will usually be polarization dependent. If a null exists in a particular polarization, it will not exist in the orthogonal polarization. Figure 3 below shows a typical embedded antenna radiation pattern.

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The three traces are antenna gain in vertical and horizontal polarization in dB relative to an isotropic radiator, or dBi and vertical plus horizontal the total gain. Satishkashyap Please send me class notes source1 of electronic devices and circuits,analog circuits, Microprocessor, electromagnetic theory ,Signals and systems and communication engineering to mail id pradeepvk gmail.

Satishkashyap Please send me class notes source1 of electronic devices and circuits,analog circuits, Microprocessor, electromagnetic theory ,Signals and systems and communication engineering to mail id balakrishna. Satishkashyap Please send me class notes source2 of electronic devices and circuits,analog circuits, Microprocessor, electromagnetic theory ,Signals and systems and communication engineering to mail id pradeepvk gmail.

Notes preview is not available. Kindly upload them plsplspls Sir Please send me class notes source1 of electronic devices and circuits,analog circuits, Microprocessor, electromagnetic theory ,Signals and systems and communication engineering to mail id panshumala gmail.

It ll help for my preparation. Sir Please send me class notes source1 of electronic devices and circuits,analog circuits, Microprocessor, electromagnetic theory ,Signals and systems and communication engineering to mail id saranyavlsi10 gmail.

Thanks for providing notes and material for all subjects hope this time ur material may lead me to success. Please send me the password required for opening the printed materials Email: santhoshpsk outlook. Thank you so much for sharing this blog, its help me a lot. He is an Ex students and did really well with their teaching. Sir,can you please send me better quality scan copies of classnotes source2.

Reader should be satisfied for the custom scholarship essays writing. Can u plz mail me gate ece study material. Great Work Very delighted to see your blog Good choice of template and great collection of useful resources Thank you!Keep your favourite notes in your pocket and access it whenever you need, even without internet. Both the faculties and young research-minded students save a lot of their valuable time for discussing the novel concepts in their respective fields without the dictation of notes in the classroom.

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It is very good for students and faculties and I would encourage all the faculties to upload their notes on LectureNotes so that they can spend more time explaining the concepts and students get notes from the website. LectureNotes has helped us increase classroom interaction with the students. It has not only helped me in completing the syllabus on time but also to get recognition among the faculties and students. Dictation and teaching cannot be done simultaneously in class.

Thanks to LectureNotes, I don't have to dictate notes in the class as I upload them on the website.

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The faculty community has come together through this platform and we are getting in touch with other faculties and are being able to help each other. Yes studying sucks Lecture Notes. What We Offer handwritten notes for semester examinations and gate preparations University Notes.

How LectureNotes Help Dictation kills classroom time, and conceptual discussion is non-existent these days. Teacher share their notes at LectureNotes teach freely in the classroom and discuss in the concept.

Students can access the notes from different teachers, compare them and refer to the one that suits their requirements. Upload Read Now. Download Our Android App Keep your favourite notes in your pocket and access it whenever you need, even without internet. Download Now. What they say Prof. Sunil S Harakannanavar. Tarini Charan Mishra. Deepak Kumar Sahoo. Login Register Recovery.Sumit is founder and developer of Blog Warn. So, follow him to learn professional blogging from him.

Do you want any other Study Material? Please let me know via comment below Ok, I will Upload the study materials you want.

nptel edc notes

If you want any other help then Let me know via comment below. Sir I want ECE complete materials for gate I am not yet still started for preparation so please give me some guidance sir. Thank you. Ok I will upload it as early as possible. And thank you very much for your feedback. Aswini Thanks a lot for your feedback. I'll upload it as early as possible. So subscribe us to get notify when we upload it. Plz mail civil engineering notes for gate 2k My email ID is kannakeepcalm5 gmail.

Thanks in advance. I am a retired professor of electrical engg clarifying doubts relate to gate and ies examns free of cost.

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I have downloaded the material but they are password protected. Please provide the password.

nptel edc notes

It was very nice to get this kind of information regarding gate. Thank You very much. Hi, I agree with you. Really this blog is very informative. Sir, read the blog its very positive and encouraging for GATE aspirants.


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